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Hey guys! I've been saving my used up products for like the last 6 months under my bathroom sink, I can FINALLY throw them out haha! I wanted to show you everything that I have fully used up in my life, from shampoo and conditioners and hair masks, to toothpaste bits, broccoli sprout pills and vitamin D.
Vitamin D MS information I talked about:
*Briogeo Banana Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner
*Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Hair Mask
*Briogeo Matcha Apple Kale Shampoo
Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner
LUSH Twilight Shower Jelly
*Sol De Janeiro Brazilian 4-Play Shower Creme Gel
Batiste Dry Shampoo & Redken Control Addict Hairspray, Bioderma
*Tatcha Water Cream Moisturizer
C*BD 20:1
Vitamin D3
*Colourpop No Filter Concealer - Light 18
*Glass straws - Amazon
BUSINESS E-MAIL: kristi@infagency.com
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I have a few discount codes with different brands, they are affiliate links so if you use my code, I will receive a small commission from those purchases!
CAMOEYES: camoeyes.com/?ref=72
Thanks for watching!
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28 feb 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Alyssa J Gavinski
Alyssa J Gavinski 10 dagar sedan
Omg I’m the exact same way with straws! I just don’t trust they’re clean if I can’t see through it.
Kiana Vondra
Kiana Vondra 16 dagar sedan
that vitamin d thing is no joke: i live in alaska and we have the highest rate of seasonal depression and it is HIGHLY recommended that everyone here takes a vitamin d supplement
JERSEY GURL Månad sedan
Love u girl & thank u for all your advice on anything & everything!!
Jean Dunkel
Jean Dunkel Månad sedan
Like a big ol bombly wobbler 🤣
Elvi Ko
Elvi Ko Månad sedan
sis... you take 5000 IU of Vit D EVERY DAY ?! Your poor kidneys... stop it already the recommended dose is 1000 IU
April Cassada
April Cassada 2 månader sedan
You can make candles in those moisturizer containers...or mix your own cream protects. Or keep your bobbipins/safety pins/thumb tracks in them 🌞
Kimberly Couture
Kimberly Couture 2 månader sedan
How??? How can someone use products on animals? Disgusting and NOT necessary. Love that you are in to cruelty free products. ❣️✝️🐾
yoshi mania
yoshi mania 2 månader sedan
Do you think those vitamins and supplements of Vit D you were taking helped with your pregnancy??? I'm listening to everything you were taking and this seemed to be around the time you conceived.sorry if thats to private to talk about ,I'm just so excited for you guys!
Lise 3 månader sedan
Try taking cbd and valerian pills together. Really helps anxiety! Also, don’t take it every day as a vitamin. Take CBD when you feel anxious. Do NOT take valerian during pregnancy though.
Megan Corine
Megan Corine 4 månader sedan
Can’t believe I barely started watching you. I’m binge watching you and feel like we’d be friends. Lol
Kimberlove Livedaytoday
Kimberlove Livedaytoday 4 månader sedan
The tatcha cream you could use those containers like for jewelry or any little trinkets that you have cuz they are pretty maybe your hair ties
Cherish Bodley
Cherish Bodley 4 månader sedan
Anastachios 4 månader sedan
I hate throwing away products. Even if they suck lol I’ll still use them till they’re gone. Unless the legit expire and smell awful.
xxBrixx 4 månader sedan
The eyes 😍
Soph 4 månader sedan
I didn’t know Batiste dry shampoo was not cruelty free. Thanks for sharing!! I’ll stop purchasing it 😊
Soph 4 månader sedan
Same with the Bioderma micellar water - damn it!
Amy Short
Amy Short 4 månader sedan
I literally have a good 1/3 of my hair shaved off and I still need more than a dime size of conditioner. Who are these people that can use that recommended size?
Sarah Power
Sarah Power 4 månader sedan
a big ol’ blombly wobbler i am crying Kristi
Aislin 4 månader sedan
Okay I misread the title as "Trash products" and I was really confused why you would use it all up. My reading skills are awesome.
Michelle Lucado
Michelle Lucado 4 månader sedan
Holy shit, I use Briogeo as well, love it! But, then I used hair food shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. My hair was the best it's ever been. They are sulfate, dye, paraben and mineral oil free. You've got to try it!
Riia 4 månader sedan
Okay but the coconut "version" if the bum bum creme... That shit smells like BURNT coconut, butter and popcorn 🤮 I'm traumatised. The bum bum creme smells nice tho 🤷
Anna S
Anna S 4 månader sedan
I LOVE Briogeo. I could tell a difference in my hair after one use. I am super interested in the toothpaste tabs!
marooon 4 månader sedan
I like micellar waters removing power but it definitely burns my eyes lmao
MsPocoful 4 månader sedan
I REALL appreciate that you mention what products are cruelty free and have recyclable packaging. It's something I feel I need to pay attention to but (like most ppl) I am paying attention more to the product than what it took to make the product and the waste it creates. Love what you're doin' lady!!!
Rebecca Carthy
Rebecca Carthy 5 månader sedan
Uploads exactly 4 weeks before she found out she is pregnant 🤰👌❤️ never been so happy for anyone ❤️
vestigeh 5 månader sedan
This video is old so nobody is gonna see this comment lol but xylitol is in tooth products because it prohibits bacteria formation! Personally, I think that's more useful in things like gum and suckers but 🤷‍♀️Also the last time I looked into toothpaste tabs I noticed the majority don't have fluoride. Something to keep in mind!
Jessica Hausdorf
Jessica Hausdorf 5 månader sedan
YOU LIVE IN WASHINGTON??? I’ve watched like 20 videos now, how did I not know
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova 5 månader sedan
I used to run out of conditioner before shampoo. Idk when that changed. Maybe because I dont comb it through my hair anymore.
Kesa Taylor
Kesa Taylor 5 månader sedan
what is the pill you take every day?
Tahseen Sama Khan
Tahseen Sama Khan 5 månader sedan
The Colab dry shampoos are a cruelty free option at the drugstore. Plus shampoo and conditioner bars are great at reducing waste and perform as well as traditional shampoo and conditioner :)
Taylor Dawson
Taylor Dawson 5 månader sedan
I wish more product lines were sustainable. I feel guilty about throwing away products and the environment.
Courtney Belanger
Courtney Belanger 5 månader sedan
I used the bite toothpaste tabs. It was hard to get my family into them but now we are all on board and it’s all we use ☺️
Nichole Hibler
Nichole Hibler 5 månader sedan
I didn’t know that about the dry shampoo. Disappointing. Off my list too.
Alaina Rejer
Alaina Rejer 5 månader sedan
I want to try briogio but I have the most sensitive scalp ever! So I’m so nervous
The Green Goddess Botanical
See if Sephora will give you a sample of the shampoo and conditioner you want to try. Even speak to different sales people to grab a bunch so you have a little stash that way if you have longer hair it will give you enough product to actually try and get a result from
Danielle Awakening
Danielle Awakening 5 månader sedan
Those toothpaste bites have been on my to do list. I have to get over the fact that they are way more pricier than traditional toothpaste but its worth the investment. I got to get over the fact that I shouldn't mind spending more money on my teeth. I dont know why I am do generous with what I spend on shampoos and makeup but I skimp out on my mouth. Kinda silly if you think about it.
Darkangel alj John
Darkangel alj John 5 månader sedan
Yep I get bad seasonal depression living here in Washington. Gotta love love this state 😂❤️
Crystal 5 månader sedan
The bottles can be used for seed starters
slavetotheshutter 5 månader sedan
I use old containers of moisturizers for my garden seeds!
Lex 5 månader sedan
there seems to be no fluoride in those bite toothpaste bits. so y'all gonna get cavities lol
Michelle Huddleston
Michelle Huddleston 5 månader sedan
I like rio sol deja Nero lol spellings wrong I’m sure. I’d purchase it over and over
Samantha Ross
Samantha Ross 5 månader sedan
Maybe rinse the moisturizers out and use it to store rings or earrings you wear often and want to keep on your nightstand or vanity.
Stacey M
Stacey M 5 månader sedan
I'd try the toothpaste tab things but only if they have fluoride in them, as I need fluoride to keep my teeth as strong as they can be, because of genetics. I've used the lush ones but my dentist told me off and I had to use high fluoride content prescription toothpaste for ages after to build up the strength again in my teeth
Mackenzie Carter
Mackenzie Carter 5 månader sedan
Have you used morrocanoil brand?
Classy On The Run
Classy On The Run 5 månader sedan
Try the Live Clean dry shampoo! I think its CF!
Ashley Dufield
Ashley Dufield 5 månader sedan
You should look into Terracycle. You can order a beauty products Terracycle box from Earthhero and then when you fill it up you ship the full box to Terracycle and they properly recycle your beauty empties so that they don't go to landfills.
Kaity Renèe
Kaity Renèe 5 månader sedan
I liked this video as soon as I heard "jiggly ballsack" 🤣
Alice738 5 månader sedan
Thanks for mentioning toothpaste tablets! I’m a dentist and I recommend toothpaste tablets to all my patients (as well as biodegradable floss and plastic-free mouthwash)
flyingemogirl 5 månader sedan
wet a paper towel and put a shower jelly in it, feels EXACTLY like a ballsack~~~
Erin Engle
Erin Engle 5 månader sedan
I’m not a fan of the shower jellies either!
Lacey E
Lacey E 6 månader sedan
The Briogeo mask IS really great. I also like their scalp treatment shampoo and mask thingie. I got a kit of that and it really helped my dry scalp. And YES to shower jellies! I got one from Bath and Body Works a couple of years ago. I used it twice and yeah..pain in the jiggly ass. Haven’t touched it since, which sucks cause it wasn’t the cheapest. And YES, the Sol De Janeiro shower gel I chose in a Fab Fit Fun summer box a year or so..because you had talked so highly of it. It’s so damn good. I hate that it’s so expensive so I’ve been holding off on buying a replacement. Same with the lotion 🥺
Caroline Mercer
Caroline Mercer 6 månader sedan
Oh nooo I had no idea batiste wasn’t cruelty free. Anyone have recommendations? Also a bioderma replacement? My god I need to do research
Tahseen Sama Khan
Tahseen Sama Khan 5 månader sedan
Colab dry shampoos are cruelty free :)
Nicole Carbone
Nicole Carbone 6 månader sedan
Wash out your Tatcha Jars and put your broccoli 🥦 bites in them! Looks nice on your dresser and I get excited to take my multivitamin 😂😂
Bianca Jingles
Bianca Jingles 6 månader sedan
The hand movement you made to describe the shower jelly immediately made me think of handling a ball sack and then you said it 😂😂😂 I’ve wanted to try those Bite toothpaste bits but the price deters me, I wish they were cheaper 😔
Katya Lafakis
Katya Lafakis 6 månader sedan
Currently on an isolation rewatching your vids bender and it’s so satisfying!
Katerina Zack
Katerina Zack 6 månader sedan
I miss the “empties” vids from 2012 😭❤️
MacKinzie Martin
MacKinzie Martin 6 månader sedan
Blomby wobbler
Katie Briggs
Katie Briggs 6 månader sedan
Verb dry shampoo for light hair is on point! Switched from Batiste for cruelty free. Best decision ever.
nata be
nata be 6 månader sedan
OMGGGG KRISTI YOU WERE ON DUTCH TV!!!! It was your video off you recreaging that instagram filter. Your video was used on RTL boulevard (a reaaaally popular tv show)
Design House
Design House 6 månader sedan
Repurpose empty moisturiser containers to hold eyelashes and hair ties - they look pretty and are easy to stack
TaylorBird 6 månader sedan
Aww, the toothy tabs used to come in little recycled cardboard boxes! As someone that used to work there I know there are quite a few legal requirements the States have for them to sell some of their products here.
Denise R.
Denise R. 6 månader sedan
This is an amazing makeup look on you!!!
nonrondc123 6 månader sedan
Vitamin D changed my life!!
Melissa Sheard
Melissa Sheard 6 månader sedan
Damn that eyeliner
natasha lynn
natasha lynn 6 månader sedan
i just started watching your videos and i LOVE how “human” you are. no bullshit, just good ass content. thank you!🖤
Adrienne Bonney
Adrienne Bonney 6 månader sedan
A blomby wobbler lmao what
SigZag 6 månader sedan
About the guilt surrounding throwing away plastic packaging: I totally feel you. Some brands sponsor recycling programs through Terracycle. Terracycle is a company that will recycle hard-to-recycle things for you, but you normally have to pay. So when a brand sponsors a program, you can send their product empties to Terracycle for free. Gotta check on the Terracycle website to see which brands have recycling programs.
fashi0nFREAK1 6 månader sedan
I wonder if the Avmacol(?) would be good for people like myself who can’t eat cruciferous veggies because of stomach problems🧐🧐🧐
Heather Gilliland
Heather Gilliland 6 månader sedan
The AGONY of fake sugar! Oh man I accidentally got a sugar free coconut ice cream the other day (didn’t know it was sugar free) and oh man the fake sugar made me bloat like a 6 month pregnant woman and the PAIN!
Natalie Warne
Natalie Warne 6 månader sedan
The gelatinous ball sack bit had me CRACKING UP! Thanks, girl
Myc Mac
Myc Mac 6 månader sedan
You could reuse the packaging by putting cotton pads put micellar water in it and use it as makeup remover pads.
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 6 månader sedan
Just like skin care you need to change shampoo and conditioner often. Also function of beauty is just herbal essence but you can choose your color. It’s not worth it. Like literally don’t use it.
Vanessa Gross
Vanessa Gross 6 månader sedan
Hey Kristi, I would plant some succulents or cactus in them. Or some other small, slow growing plant. Recycle the rest?
Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot 6 månader sedan
I dont know if Washington’s recycling changed but about mid 2019 Oregon’s recycling changed, at least where we live, only now takes plastic jugs and like juice bottles. No yogurt or cottage cheese or salsa type or makeup/skin care bottles. Not only not in the curbside bin but at the actual center. So disappointed.
Claudette Schmidt
Claudette Schmidt 6 månader sedan
This is the first video of yours I'm watching, I was wondering where you were from... then you referenced "smarties"... Oh she's from canada!
Ani D
Ani D 6 månader sedan
Had me at jiggly nut sack
Jillian Rae
Jillian Rae 6 månader sedan
I just moved from Arizona to Washington, vitamin D has been my lifesaver!! In combination with my anti-depressants it helps so much 🙌
Dani Grace
Dani Grace 6 månader sedan
400 million toothpaste tubes really doesn’t seem like that many in comparison to the population. That’s just over one per person per year. I feel that’s that’s way underestimating the amount of toothpaste tubes. Xylitol is good for your teeth because it is antibacterial and natural. It also somehow prevents ear infections, especially in small children.
The Fit Curls
The Fit Curls 6 månader sedan
Use a dime-sized amount of conditioner. Every girl ever: ...*cracks up* *dumps out 1/3 of the bottle*
Dani Grace
Dani Grace 6 månader sedan
If purple shampoo isn’t toning the way you’re looking for anymore, try looking for a blue shampoo. You may not need the red tone in your hair, especially if you have very icy platinum blonde/silver hair.
Lia Lines
Lia Lines 6 månader sedan
“Blomby wobbler”
allison fogg
allison fogg 6 månader sedan
You have to bring those containers back to Lush. Lush reuses their own containers. That’s why they’re the best
Darby Clark
Darby Clark 6 månader sedan
The problem w bite is not having fluoride 👀
Reva Diley
Reva Diley 6 månader sedan
Thank you for spreading the word! I lost my dog in July of 2020 at 6 years old when she got into sugar free gum. It was hours of agony for her. Seizures and just a really hard thing to watch. We had to euthanize her at the end. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of fake sugar being dangerous for dogs and I try to tell everyone.
Maggie Oxman
Maggie Oxman 6 månader sedan
Commenting pretty late but a great reuse of the lil containers is for the small things in your office or crafts! Safety pins, needles, thumbtacks, watch batteries, rings, bobby pins, infinite possibilities! All of the teeny things that you normally don't know what to do with :)
Jacquiline Johnstone
Jacquiline Johnstone 6 månader sedan
Hey girl! Just wanted to reach out and tell you I’m going to try the toothpaste tabs! Also, I watched your video about magnetic lashes and plan to try my microfiber makeup remover towel when I get mine. I’ll let you know if it removes my magnetic liner. Lastly, I’m an advisor for h2oathome and have a misceller water that comes in a glass bottle. It’s my fave. Xoxo
Sarah Kirschling
Sarah Kirschling 6 månader sedan
I had that shower jelly and the fucking cup fell over without the lid on and it all came out and I just threw it out
Blake Spesard
Blake Spesard 6 månader sedan
Tayla Henry
Tayla Henry 6 månader sedan
Jiggly ball....sack😂😂😂😂😂 i woke my kids up dying of laughter
Ali Perry
Ali Perry 6 månader sedan
A big ole blomby wobbler 👍🏻
JUHONNAOFFICIAL 6 månader sedan
I love how informative you are with everything ,especially with the xylitol info, I always tell my dad to be careful with xylitol products.
April Riddle
April Riddle 6 månader sedan
Take those containers and plant succulents
Cait Woodson
Cait Woodson 6 månader sedan
IGK is cruelty free and has an amazing dry shampoo!
Anastasia Corbine
Anastasia Corbine 6 månader sedan
I feel you about the guilt thing throwing away things that are for our benefit but not the planets, I appreciate your self awareness because you motivate me to rethink my purchases. Maybe for the jars you could put some succulents in them 😊
Mayra Torres
Mayra Torres 6 månader sedan
Dime sized because youre only supposed to apply the conditioner to your ends
Jacquelyn 6 månader sedan
you should try hibar shampoo and conditioner bars :)
Annie Walker
Annie Walker 6 månader sedan
Tatcha jars are beautiful. Have you thought about using them as candle holders for the little ones. Since Washington’s star bird I’d the mosquito, put citronella in them and use them on your porch or wherever you hangout outside. I would use them as little planters for herbs.
Caroline Dougherty
Caroline Dougherty 7 månader sedan
Why get mad at Lush for plastic bottles, but not Briogio? It comes in plastic, as well. I think a lot of Lush customers think about the environment in a positive way. I am a devoted fan but I wonder about that just a bit.
Claudia Garcia
Claudia Garcia 7 månader sedan
How do you wash the straws?
Madison East
Madison East 7 månader sedan
I get the worst reaction with micellar water. I’m prone to migraines and it gives me the worst migraines with vomiting. I’ve tried them a few times to make sure and it’s 100 percent that. Wish I could use it, but oh well. Side note: I’m a hygienist and we use xylitol in dental because it’s a sugar that doesn’t break down your teeth like regular sugar does!
Kaci Scott
Kaci Scott 7 månader sedan
I love her, she is my favorite!
Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor 7 månader sedan
A good asshair mask
Hey guys lets hang out & chat